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  Satin's 1st litter ( Born 01/23/2006 )

Satin's 1st litter    Satin's 1st litter

Riley 06 litter Chelsea 06 litter Cooper 06 litter pup 06 litter pup 06 litter

pup from 06 litter pup from 06 litter pup from 06 litter pup from 06 litter pup from 06 litter


black puppy  yellow puppy  yellow puppy

little jake  pups and chuckar wing  satin's pups

puppies outside  satin puppy  satin puppy

 puppy on point  Lloyd  puppy pointing

Chelsea's pups  Chelsea's pups  chelsea/sooner pups

 chelsea/sooner pup  chelsea/sooner pup  chelsea/sooner pup

 chelsea and litter  chelsea's pup  eating puppies

Star/Jedi litter  star pup on chuckar  star pup on point

star pup  star pup  Satin puppy

chelsea/bear litter  chelsea/bear puppies  chelsea/bear puppy

 chelsea/bear puppy  chelsea/bear pup on point  chelsea/bear pup with chuckar

 chelsea/bear pup on point  chelsea/bear pup  satin/jake pup on point

 satin/jake pup   satin/jake pup  jake/satin pup

 satin/jake pup  jake/satin pup with chuckar  jake/satin pup with chuckar

 jake/satin pup