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KB Kennels Pointing Labs Hip and Eye Guarantee

The puppy you are purchasing on this date__________________DOB___________________Registration number____________________Microchip number__________________ is guaranteed to be free of hip dysplasia and Cerf eye defects as long as the following criteria are met. The dog will be replaced with an 8 week old puppy of the same or similar breeding or a breeding of KB Kennels Pointing Labs choosing providing the criteria has been met.
1. The dog's hips must be x-rayed by a board approved veterinarian between 24-28 months of age, dogs over the age of 28 months or under 24 months are not covered by this guarantee.
2. If the dog was certified to be dysplastic, the owner must submit in writing from the O.F.A. (A copy of O.F.A.'s certification) and from a veterinarian that the dog has been spayed or neutered. The dog must be genetically dysplastic and this guarantee does not apply to a dog who cannot receive a O.F.A. number due to injury. OFA shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia and hips must be rejected by OFA. KB Kennels Pointing Labs has access to any vet records of injuries before the age of 2. Microchip number and AKC Registration numbers must be present on all documents.
3. The dog must not have been used for breeding until x-rayed and approved by the O.F.A. If the dog has been used in a breeding program before the age of 2 and has not been approved by the O.F.A. this guarantee is VOID.
4. The dog must have it's eyes examined by 1 year of age by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist must state in writing that the defect is definitely of a hereditary nature and not caused by injury or illness. Cerf shall be the sole judge of hereditary eye problems and eye certification must be rejected by Cerf. Microchip number and AKC registration number must be present on all documents. Dogs over the age of 18 months are not covered by this guarantee.
5. You must use a premium dog food up to the age of 6 months and not overfeed your new puppy during this time.
6. We guarantee not to produce a puppy affected by EIC, CNM or PRA.
7. If the puppy will not be used in a breeding program they should not be spayed or neutered until after 18 months of age. This will promote healthy joints and good growth development. If the puppy has been spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months this guarantee is VOID.
8. This guarantee only covers the original owner if the dog has been sold the guarantee is VOID.
9. KB Kennels Pointing Labs had given the Rabies Prevention brochure per Colorado 19.00 F.3.
10. KB Kennels Pointing Labs will not be able to deliver a puppy until they are 8 weeks of age. Colorado law prohibits delivery of any animal under the age of 8 weeks. Code CO ST 35-80-108 by Admin Regulation & CCR 1201.11.
No dog will be guaranteed unless it has been registered with the AKC and the Microchip registered, and registration has not been transfered to a new owner. KB Kennels Pointing Labs may refuse to replace the dog unless all of these conditions are followed. All documentation must include the AKC registration number and the Microchip number. If for any reason the owner is requesting puppy replacement KB Kennels Pointing Labs can require a 2nd opinion from a different veterinarian. KB Kennels Pointing Labs will only replace the dog there will be no reimbursment of funds.

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